1. What is FlexLiga?

 FlexLiga means: Flex - Flexible, Liga <from German> - League

FlexLiga organizes recreational athletic leagues for adults who enjoy sports and want to share their enthusiasm with others.  FlexLiga provides the opportunity for fair play and fun competition in a friendly environment.  We respect your time so through our flexible scheduling tools you can decide where and when you want to play.

Sign in today, get involved, meet new friends, and win the prize!

  2. How does FlexLiga work?

When you sign up for a FlexLiga account, you will be able to select and enroll in a league of your choice.  You can sign up for a league a few weeks before the competition begins. You may register/play in more than one league.

Before the start of the season you will be notified by e-mail about checking your account for upcoming games and scheduling your first match.There are six seasons per year. Each season takes about 6 weeks, follows by two rounds of playoffs. Every sport/league will be open for registration in each season.

To play your game, you will need to contact your opponent to establish the time and place of your match. All the necessary information will be available on FlexLiga few days before the start of the season.

If you are designated to play at home, then you select the time and place of your game.  Please take your opponent’s availability and location into consideration when scheduling your match.  When you play at home, you are also required to reserve/pay for the place where the match will take place (if necessary, you will need to pay for accessories for the game such as tennis balls, etc). Of course, you can make an arrangement with your opponent to split the costs.

See Rules of the Game to learn more about the rules of each sports league on FlexLiga and the scoring.

After the match is completed, either you or your opponent (only one) is required to report the score of the match. You have two weeks following your match to report the score. After two weeks, the score cannot be reported, and "0" points will be assigned to each player. Tables and results are available on FlexLiga and they are being updated in real time.


  3. How can I enroll?

To register with FlexLiga select Register.


  4. Which sports can I play?

A list of currently available sports on FlexLiga can be found under the "Our Leagues" tab. If you do not see your favorite sport, then please contact us.We are eager to expand our menu of options.  We need member feedback to gauge interest when expanding our offerings.

As for today we offer the following sports leagues: Pickleball, Tennis, Scrabble, Chess, Racquetball 

  5. At which level should I play?

Each league has five levels:

  • Beginner
  • Beginner - Intermediate  
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate - Advanced
  • Advanced

Each player is responsible for determining the level of his or her own play. The easiest way to figure this out is to apply the following rule:

  • Beginner level is usually participating in less than one year of active play.
  • Beginner/Intermediate level is usually participating in 1-3 years of active play.
  • Intermediate level is usually participating in between 3- 5 years of active play.
  • Intermediate /Advanced is usually participating in 5-8 years of active play.
  • Advanced level is usually participating in more than 8 years of active play.

Active play = 2-3 times a week.

For more information, please register and choose the “Game Rules" tab.


 6. How long is one season?

Each season lasts 6 weeks. At the conclusion of the regular season, the playoffs will start.


  7. Who will play in playoffs?

After the regular season is over, the four players with the highest points total will automatically qualify for a spot in the playoffs. If only three players play in the league, there will be no playoffs. In playoffs the first seed player will play with the fourth seed player, while the second and player will play with the third rank player. After the semifinal of playoffs (Playoff 1) the final (Playoff 2) will be played.


  8. How old do I have to be to play?

You must be at least 18 years old to play.


  9. Where is FlexLiga available?

You can find a current FlexLiga list of cities under the "Our Cities" tab. During the registration to play in our league you will be asked to select your area e.g. North/South/East/West/Center.  By selecting your area we will be able to match you with others close by so your travel time will be limited. The rule is: if you are within ~about 40 miles from the downtown chances are we have others wanted to play in your area. If you don't see your city, then please email us!


   10. Where do I play my match? 

 Every week you play one match. Every other week it is up to you to select a location that works the best for you (e.g. you can choose a location that is close to your home). The rule is: if you play at home then you select your match location. 


  11. What are the game rules on FlexLiga?

There is no referee during the game! Players are responsible for making calls, such as if the ball was in bounds or out of bounds.  Usually, the player closest to the ball will make the call. Remember, in the spirit of good sportsmanship you must be absolutely sure that the ball was out to call it out: otherwise, the ball should be considered good. You can always repeat the play if you and your opponent cannot agree if the ball was out.

For more information, please register and look for "Game Rules" tab.


  12. What is the cost to sign up?

The registration fee depends of the league. But usually it is $19.99 for single game and $24.99 for double game.


   13. What do I get if I win?

If you win, then you will receive an email message with our congratulations including a gift certificate that can be used to register for a new season. Also, you will receive a certificate with your name on it and the league you won! Finally, you will receive a 50% off coupon that can be used toward your next season registration!